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Lake Medjuvrsje, Serbia

Ovcar-Kablar Gorge is located in western Serbia, halfway between the towns of Cacak (17 kilometers to the east) and Pozega in the west, some 155 kilometers south-west of the capital Belgrade.

The gorge is a narrow of the West Morava’s composite valley, a continuation of the Pozega Depression on the west, while itself continues into the Cacak-Kraljevo Depression on the east. The gorge is carved between the 985 meters high mountain of Ovcar on the south and 889 meters high Kablar on the north, thus gaining its name. The river meanders through the gorge for 15 kilometers. Epigenetic in nature (type of galleric epigenia), the Ovčar-Kablar Gorge was crucial for the genesis of the entire West Morava valley. Ovcar Spa (Ovčar banja) is located in the gorge, at an altitude of 278 meters. It has a hot, sulfuric water, which is helpful for the treatment of rheumatism, nerve and skin diseases.

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